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Fox Terrier Smooth & Wire Breeders

The listed Breeders are in good standing with The Fox Terrier Club of NSW, however under no circumstances can The Fox Terrier Club of NSW guarantee the services or conduct of individual members.

The list is arranged as follows;

Breeders who breed both coats are listed in both categories.

N.S.W. Fox Terrier Smooth Breeders

In N.S.W.

Black, Olive of Springfox Kennels

Telephone 9651 3396
email blackfox1@bigpond.com

Boswell, Margaret of Tuskalear Kennels
Minto 2566
Telephone 4628 2821

Brown, Lance & Gail of Kleveland Park Kennels
Medowie 2318
Telephone ....
email klevelandpark@bigpond.com.au

Brown, Wendy & Paul of Bellegum Kennels
Mulgoa 2138
Telephone 4773 8313
email bellgum@nepean.net.au

Churchill, Graham of Hibound Kennels
Medowie 2745
Telephone 4773 8313

Ellem, John & Lucie of Camarna Kennels
Austral 2171
Telephone 9606 9454
email camarna@iprimus.com.au

Fuller, Ern of Fulhunt Kennels

Eastern Creek 2766
Telephone 9863 0826
email fulhunt@yahoo.com.au

Lansdowne, Debbie of Winfox Kennels
Rosemeadow 2560
Telephone 4621 3115
email debbie@diemoulddme.com.au

Proud, Sharon & Michelle of Todao Kennels
Eastern Creek 2766
Telephone 9625 0504
email kproud@bigpond.com.au

Rushforth, Neil & Lea of Wyninebah Kennels
Bruxner via Lismore 2480
Telephone 6629 0329
email foxydobe@bigpond.com.au

Stathos, Tina & George of Balastat Kennels
Leppington 2171
Telephone 9606 5204
email balastat@aol.com.au

In Other States

Roache, David of Fermoy Kennels
North Adelaide 5006
Telephone 08 8267 2028
email djroche@senet.com.au

Fox Terrier Wire Breeders

In N.S.W.

Brown, Wendy & Paul of Bellegum Kennels
Mulgoa 2138
Telephone 4773 8313
email bellgum@nepean.net.au

Pieterse, Lea & Frank of Statuesque Kennels
Dural 2158
Telephone 9651 1479
email pieterse@ihug.com.au

>In Other States

Puppy Buyers should, if a problem occurs with the
purchase of a puppy, contact the Breeder.

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